How to do excavation in TASC?

Step 1

Before we do excavation to Pile Cap, we need to lay a layer of lean concrete underneath Pile Cap. Hence go to Blinding Element, create New Area Blinding.

Step 2

Go to Draw tab and select Auto Arrange. User is allow to choose whether to automatically arrange under Pile Cap, Wall, Raft Foundation, Pad Foundation etc.Select the element to be arranged accordingly. For instances, Pile Cap.

Step 3

Select entity (left click + drag to select), then right click to confirm.

Step 4

Input the extension of blinding according to project details.

Step 5

Once we done the laying Blinding (lean concrete) underneath Pile Cap, then we can proceed with Excavation. Click Auto Generate Excavation in Blinding Element’s Draw tab.

Step 6

Select Excavation Type > Input Excavation Related Attribute > then click OK

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