How to do software installation?

Step 1

It is highly recommended to temporarily disable any antivirus software before the installation to ensure smooth installation process.

Step 2

To open the install program, double click on “Setup.exe”. In the lower-left corner, select the Have read and agree to Glodon License Agreement check box.

Step 3

Select the installation path and your local measurement rules. Click “Next” to proceed.

Note : Default installation path of the program is C : \Program Files\Cubicost. You may change the default installation path by using the “Browse”.

Step 4

Select the authorization type to access software. Click “Next” to proceed to complete the installation. The difference between authorization type are as below:

a) Cloud: email + password

b) License: email + License Code (ZS3202-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX)

c) Dongle: Dongle device (like an USB) plug into computer USB port.

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